Similarities between Web Design and UX Design in Problem Solving

Before this, we have seen the similarities between Web Design Malaysia and UX Design in problem-solving. Now let’s focus on the common emotional design and multi-disciplinary in those design because both professions are as designers, but in a different context, hence they share the similarities.

In websites designing, it requires of typography, colour and layout to shape out the emotion of users or even the visitors so that they will return back to the site. With appropriate typography such as the use of darker colours and serif fonts or colourful imagery with beautiful typography, the user will get attract and it will create a sense of credibility. This emotional design is very familiar to web designers. By including it in the website, it creates the design the elicit emotions from the users. That is for the web designers, if you look at the UX designers, they’re also concerned with the emotional design on a larger scale then web designers. It is because of the products and they want their users to experience it throughout the usage. Hence UX designers pay attention to the psychology, motion design, content curation and information architecture apart from the normal typography and colour. However, the UX entails are ahead in this compared to the web designers

Moving on to the multi-disciplinary, web design task mainly focus on this because they have to develop a make your own website website that involves HTML, CSS and JavaScript than the usual designing of typography and colour theory. Nowadays there are web designers that incorporated the interaction design code such as animation and interaction using CSS and JavaScript. Likewise, in UX design, but it is supercharged in that by using the knowledge of psychology, user research, visual design and business to create the UX for the product.…

What is Parallax Scrolling in Web Design

What is parallax scrolling?

Parallax scrolling – also known as the parallax effect, was first commonly used in computer graphics. In the past few years, parallax scrolling has taken effect in web designs, especially in the gaming industry. Just like Flash introduced animations many years back, parallax scrolling brings a new degree of animation to a website. The concept of parallax is basically when the background image moves slower than a foreground image while scrolling on the page that creates an illusion of a 2-dimensional site.

Why parallax scrolling?

Parallax enables you to tell a story in a much more engaging, interactive way. While a user scrolls through the website, the user will be captivated by the beautifully illustrated images, video and text. The longer a user stays on your website, the higher your website ranks in Google.

Issues regarding parallax

Parallax scrolling does not work on mobile devices. There are several media queries that help turn it off when a user is viewing the website on a mobile phone. However, since Google ranks websites which gives the best mobile experience to users, websites with parallax scrolling may be ranked lower than the others.

Tips on using parallax

If you are considering using parallax, it is important to be able to tell a story that creates engagement with the users. If parallax is used without any purpose, users will just leave the website as they will not be captivated by it. Parallax should be made so that users will have fun and engaged as they scroll through your website. Do not use parallax and make it a complicated layout.

All in all, implementing parallax scrolling in your web designs will not be a bad idea at all. When used properly in a proper manner, it will do wonders for your website. Contact any of the web design Malaysia agencies if you want a website that has parallax scrolling. Majority of them would be familiar with parallax scrolling.