Verizon Samsung Galaxy S II Function maybe called Samsung Fascinate II enables 4g LTE

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It has been heard that the Samsung Galaxy S II will head to Verizon named Samsung Galaxy S ii Function, surprising, recently there is one source said that the  S II for Verizon will be dubbed Samsung Fascinate II.

Of course, this is not a rumor, recently Verizon twitter on its official Twitter bolg to said that Samsung Galaxy S II Function maybe called Samsung Fascinate II, especially, we heard that the Verizon galaxy s ii will be compatible with Verizon‘s 4G LTE Network. Verizon Samsung Function info

Samsung GALAXY S Ⅱ is an android smartphone equiped with a  dual-core processor, its performance is sturdy, even in the current available smartphones, the Galaxy S ii is also remarkable. As for Verizon to launch the Samsung GALAXY S Ⅱ, perhaps it is the logical thing, but it may be a suirpriding thing to support Verizon LTE network. currently the Verizon galaxy s ii’s release date and price are not unkown, it is expected to be avilable on sale at the end of August 2011.


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